About Costumes

Our shop is a cheap but high fashion Halloween costume that everyone will love to wear. Our online shop is a complete costume not only for Halloween but also other types. As well as from different size we have from infants to kids, teenagers, and other selection. The company got the idea to start the business one a party. Where we want to wear our children with celebrity Halloween costumes. And all of our friends ask us to find for them.


In 2005, we create online shops for the comfort of the people to buy on their home or office. At first, our focus is on Halloween costumes ideas for kids because at that time it is in demand. Along the years we extend our selection because of the requests of our customer for family costumes. Now the choices of our selection have now increased not only for holiday costumes. But also we allow customizing for groups and family.


Our company starts with two staff as the year’s pass. As of now, we employed 60 staff members with different departments and responsibilities. We keep our employee because of their honesty, integrity, and responsibilities. Though skills have a big factor for the company but without those characters. The workplace will not be smooth and at peace. We believe in a peaceful workplace than full of skills. Because if the place is at peace everyone can work more than they expected they can do.


In today’s form of technology, our company is able to go with the flow. We provide video for the new costumes and other material needed by the customer to know. Our customer will have no problem with their orders status because we have a button for them to track their order. We always track on the latest technology so that we can serve our customer up to the extent of their satisfaction.